Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swearing IPL players

More than once we have seen it. "F***" and the notorious "Behan******" being boldly foulmouthed furiously and in in disgust by players. In the Kings XI versus Mumbai Indians I watched Irfaan Pathan utter the "Behan******" expletive in full and clear view of my TV during the concluding stages of the match where tensions were running high. Anyone could guess what came out of his mouth. I have seen similar foul mouthing scenes from other players too. I cannot recall now.

There are two things I like to ask here.
1. Should T.V channels display IPL players (whom many of the younger generation is looking up to) swearing without any inhibitions?
2. Should there be a code of conduct or a set of instructions telling players not to lose their cool and that they are being watched by millions?

I think both my questions carry weight though in the first question I can take it if TV channels were to tell me that it is difficult to edit or anticipate an IPL player swearing in a live telecast of the match.

But for my second question I think players should be shown their expletive-screaming-scenes and be told that millions are watching them do this. I can understand innocent children will not be able to make out these gestures but what of adults and senior citizens. Moreover players screaming such words near the microphone are also going to be heard.

IPL players need to focus on their manners too if not on their game.

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