Thursday, April 09, 2009

Poor competition at ISS 2008

Maybe the people behing ISS 2008 are wondering why they had to have seperate prizes for the ladies and the gents. In the ladies section there is hardly any competition. Instead of running the show any further they simply can give away the award to Sonia. Gayathri seems content with second position (I believe the second prize is 100 sovereigns of gold) and is offering little or no competition.

As for the gents though Prashob did well in the Kutchery round it wasn't really the show of someone fighting for the first prize. ISS fans will recall last years' masterpiece from Thushar that left the judges crying. It was Thushar's leap to the top 5 position.

In fact last year's show was good enough till the end though everyone knew that Najim would eventually win. Last years winners and participants would also find this years competition and prizes a little hard to digest.

Meanwhile, today is Somadas's acid test as he is singing the Kutchery round. May God help him.

Another exciting thing. We just came to know a couple of weeks ago that Vivekanandan is Jaya's second cousin's son. I have a great song for Vivek to perform live on the violin but will that happen. Let me try.

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