Sunday, May 25, 2008

Where's the real music?

Madonna's latest (or so called latest hit video) with Justin Timberlake SUCKS to the point of indescribable DISGUST. Is there any song these days she can promote without lacing it with sexual connotations. I am sure she will continue doing her favorite "air-humping" moves even well into her 60's or 70's to promote her singles. I am also surprised how in today's easily-accessible-porno age people want to watch her or listen to her music because of her raunchy videos. When kids these days can watch angelic beauties (half Madonna's age), off the internet doing the wildest things why would anyone want to watch Madonna do her boring fully clothed (considering what is available for free online) silly sexual moves, in the name of great-dance, or great-music, in a video? It is like someone telling oneself "Oh I am so turned on. What do I do? I know, I am going to watch Madonna's latest video." I am appalled how Madonna has made so many hits this way or has the music listening audience gone completely nuts. I am not writing about the lyrics of these songs because they are hardly worth mentioning. Madonna's sure cashing on this dumbness anyway. These crappy videos have made her one of the biggest hit makers in music. Even those who defined the rules of blues and rock the foundation of all western music (not classical) today are gradually being forgotten and lost. Music these days seems to be a "marketing-thing" more than what it is really meant to be.

Someone please save the music from her.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is man really the most superior of all living beings?

Although we had a big and unusual downpour on March 31'st, Chennai is reeling under the heat of the summer with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit). The humidity is so high that you start sweating immediately after your bath. For the past few days the high temperatures are causing low pressure points fuelling tiny showers. Thanks to the sea nearby a steady breeze in the evenings is a comfort.

But be it the arid hot unforgiving summer or the wet rainy days in Chennai it amazes me how animals and birds carry on their daily lives in the open. When humans are unable to go on with their lives without the comfort of air-conditioning, air-coolers and fans running non-stop indoors, small animals, birds and insects go about their lives in the open as if they are untouched by anything or without any complaints. I do understand that they feel heat and cold too but unlike the humans who have adjusted school and college sessions to suit climatic changes, running off to the hills for cooler climates the other creatures with lesser senses than humans seem to go on unperturbed under the open sky 24/7/365. So who is really superior man or animal? Or is this a reminder of our weaknesses to throw away our ego and vanity and stop calling ourselves masters of the universe?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Watch this movie if you haven't

I stopped writing my movie reviews on since last October (that was a long time ago!) as I was planning my own movie review site. However that project doesn't even seem to be taking off. But here's a movie that I cannot help writing about. In fact I am not going to review it as it will turn out to be a spoiler for those of you who haven't seen the movie yet. That said, if there is one movie that you need to be watching it MUST be "Cloverfield".

The sheer beauty and creativity of the screenplay is wonderful. Like I wrote earlier anything I mention further would only spoil the movie if you were to watch. This is one of those movies you must not even watch the trailer. I didn't. I think it is Stanely Kubrick who doesn't release theatrical trailers and I don't think that is a bad idea. All I had seen was the poster (image above) which gave me an impression it was some alien vs humans movie. Full marks to the director Matt Reeves and the crew for what they have delivered. This movie has great scope for a sequel and I cannot wait to watch that one too.

Beg, borrow, steal or download, you cannot afford to miss "Cloverfield".