Friday, November 25, 2011

And My Marantz PM 57 sings again....

What a solemn moment it was when Praveen of Vipul Electronics connected my loyal amplifier to the Sony CD player and the pair of Sonodyne bookshelf speakers and when I told him that I will be switching it on. With The Police's "Zenyatta Mondatta" CD inside I switched my amplifier on and it starts playing like I heard it the very first time, flawless and beautiful. After the September 11, 2001 attacks I put my hi-fi gear away in storage in California before returning to India. Later I managed to get my amplifier and CD player but not the remainder of the gear. So after 10 years my Marantz still plays beautifully. I had actually purchased it and the CD player in 1998.

It is also a moment of great joy to know that Marantz (this time the PM 6004) won the Product of the Year Award at this year's What HiFi annual awards (held just weeks ago) in the Integrated Amplifier category. There couldn't have been a better coincidence.

The Sonodynes were no comparison to the Klipsch KSB 3.1's that I used to own (now sitting in a garage in the U.S) but the Sonodynes did their best bit and I was impressed to buy a pair. Within a few days they have already gone beyond the "break-in" stage. I also managed to find the sweet-spots after some moving around and re-positioning.

Let me hope someday I'll get my Klipsch's back and my brilliant Definitive Technology subwoofer too.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kajal wasn't here

Though she is the heroine of the movie I had my doubts if she would be part of the crew that was shooting at my office. My guess was right. Kajal wasn't here. But Surya was. One guy even managed to take pics with him.

For a moment I thought I had missed a memorable moment.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kajal Aggarwal shooting at my place of work!

I am astonished at how sometimes things you love so dearly can suddenly appear so close and so soon. It was only around last year this time I was watching her in "Magadheera", so many times and now Kajal is shooting in Chennai in the very place I work? Actor Surya is here too. As I was heading in that direction today, I did visit office and the floor where the shoot is going on. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see her or Surya. Should I stay put? Wait for her like those die-hard fans waiting to catch a glimpse of their idol? The security guy at our building was telling me that the unit was going to be there for both today and tomorrow. Unfortunately I have other work to do. Oh Kajal, how close and yet how far!