Friday, April 03, 2009

The incredible song from "Manzil"

I used to remember when I used to work abroad and come to India for my holidays I would somehow end up watching this movie on T.V and what a movie. Another reason to watch this movie is this incredible song by R D Burman. I prefer the Latha Mangeshkar song to the Kishore Kumar version. In fact I avoid listening to the Kishore Kumar version. Unforgettable is the video, probably one of the best videos ever from a Hindi movie. Too nostalgic and beautifully-melancholic. I have been searching for the Latha Mangeshkar version but it is rare online. Thanks to YouTube it is here in all its beauty.

I wish the uploader had only loaded the few seconds before the start of the song where Amitabh is wondering what to do in the inclement weather on his date when Moushmi tells him, "..let's go out in the rain where it will be a lot of fun." Ah! those lines, the characters and movies of the past. Where do you get them these days?

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