Monday, September 21, 2009

How to fix your BSNL Modem's configuration

This time when I got back my Internet connection, I was wondering how long it is going to take BSNL fix everything and get me up and running. I was too naive to think that just getting back my username and password would re-establish my connection. How wrong I was. Calling customer care is/was a nightmare and the assurance that someone would turn up at my door to fix my modem was totally unreliable.

Thanks to the web, I then start searching stuff on Yahoo. After some hits and misses I was able to get to a website where the simple documentation for the HUAWEI MT800 modem was available that did the trick. When the BSNL guy called that evening I was thrilled to tell him everything was O.K. So if you want to configure your BSNL Modem (HUAWEI MT800) check out this page.

The only problem I had was with the IP configuration to be done prior to using the steps on this page. These are documented too. A link is provided before you begin the configuration steps called "Assign IP Address". Here if you don't use the right IP addresses your modem will be recognized as some other modem, with a different model number. You may have to make a note of your old IP, Gateway and DNS server addresses before you attempt to use the ones mentioned on the Assigning IP Address page. For me my old IP addresses worked. Several re-boots and resetting of the modem (before doing the configuration) helped me configure the modem correctly.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A R Rahman is back at doing what he is best at

One song is already ringing in my ears. It is a superb composition called "Aaj Dhil Gusthak Hai" from the upcoming Hindi film Blue where Sukhwinder Singh and Shreya Goshal have sung the duet brilliantly. Both music and song are stylish to listen to. The rest of the songs seem ok but then I have listened to them just once.

Check the songs at Musicmazaa

Friday, September 11, 2009

My cousin's son debuts as music director

Abishek, (Original name Ragesh) who works as a recording engineer at Chithra's studio in Chennai has composed 5 songs for Kalabhavan Mani's next multi-lingual movie titled "Black Stallion". Check out this catchy number which is sure to be the hit from the movie. I should also mention Rimi Tomi who provided the female vocal for this duet and who also shines in this song.

I was in Chalakudy when Ragesh recorded this song with Mani and I missed the opportunity to watch the recording though it is actually not a very enjoyable thing. You are doled in this sound proof room where you cannot get out and where just as in the world of acting, innumerable takes of different portions of the song are made. The final song is then made via a cut and paste job. I did watch an M.G.Sreekumaran recording at Chithra's studios once and decided I would never get into that room again.

Ragesh has done numerous recordings for music directors. Among several hits he has recorded one notable song that comes to mind is "Kangal Irandal" for the movie Subramanyapuram.

"Black Stallion" by the way is produced by my cousin Jagadesh Chandran whose father, my Valliyachan had passed away recently.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We need more of "eerum"

Not only the "eerum" or wetness from rains that this part of India is longing for but also songs like the ones Dhaman has composed for the Tamil Movie "Eerum". Check out the lovely songs at MusicMasaa giving the feel of beautiful, eagerly awaited rain.

I'll rate Harris Jeyaraj's songs for Adhavan behind the songs of "Eerum" for this time. "Hasili Fisiliye" by Karthik is a nice one but stereotyped. The rest don't impress. Listen to the song at Musicmazaa.

"VenPanju" sung by Udith Narayan and Karthik is a lovely tune from Vidhyasagar for the movie "Kanden Kadhalai" the Tamil version of "Jab We Met". Listen to it at Musicmazaa.

Shruthi Haasan's music for her dad's latest film "Unnai Pol Oruvan" is far from impressive. One song with Blaze was OK when she sings her lines. Otherwise I thought it was nothing new and using Kamal Haasan's old vocals for two songs wasn't a good idea either.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Update on the Prinia nests

It was heartbreaking to see the nest on Sunday morning devoid of any eggs or the bird. The day before I noticed a Treepie sitting on a branch of the nearby coconut tree very close to the nest. It probably discovered the nest and the eggs. Too much winds might have exposed the nest. I found only three eggs that evening. The bird was in the nest though on Saturday night incubating her eggs. However on Sunday morning none of the eggs were there. The bird was missing too. Maybe some predator harvested the eggs. Both the Treepie and the chipmunk are capable of this as both consume the eggs of other birds. If only I had laid some thorny shrubs around the nest probably I could have saved the remaining eggs. I thought they were only days away from hatching. What a sight that would have been!

The good news is that the three eggs in the Prinia's nest at Sathish's home have hatched. They might have hatched on Sunday or Monday. No sound can be heard but I could see the tiny little ones open their mouths for food. What a sight! It was like seeing God. Mommy bird is busy looking after the newborn. Wonder how many will make it. The nest is so secure that it is very difficult to take a good picture. If I am able to take a pic I will post it here.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy Onam 2009

Here's wishing all my Malayali readers and all other readers who are celebrating Onam, a very Happy Onam!