Saturday, June 27, 2009

My favourite Michael Jackson video

I think this is also the favourite of many other MJ fans. Who will not forget Michael Jordan, the young dancers, Michael Jackson trying to score baskets, Michael trying to dodge Michael Jordan and the unforgettable, Michael Jackson teaching Michael Jordan to dance. Unfortunately the embed has been disabled on this one on YouTube but here's the link.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The King is dead

My enthusiasm to watch the beautiful Mallu song with Suji to day has been dampened by the demise of Michael Jackson.

Growing up in the 80's Michael Jackson was an icon of the youth and music no matter how much we preferred Rock and Heavy Metal to pop. I have liked many of his songs particularly "Human Nature", "The Girl is mine" and the unforgettable "One day in your life" to name a few. He will be missed for his music and dance by fans all over the world. Hard to believe he was to start a tour next month.

I am sad to find out that Farah Fawcett is dead too after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Two stars gone from our world. May their souls rest in peace.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A song you'lI fall in love on the first watch

It was love at first sight. The song is "Picha Vacha Naal Mudhal" and is from Prithviraj's latest movie "Puthiya Mugham". The song is picturised quite well but it is the song, sung by Shankar Mahadevan and composed by Deepak Dev that is the magic. It has a touch of another song of his. BUT NEVER MISS THIS SONG, EVER! I have been listening to it ever since I saw it on T.V.

The only drawback is Shankar Mahadevan's Malayalam diction. Someone must have corrected it.

Come to think of it Jaya has the opportunity of talking to PriyaMani when they were shooting some portions of the film in Chalakudy during her recent visit. Didn't know it had this sweet number in it when Jaya called me many Fridays ago in all her excitement about talking to Priyamani then.

Why can't someone sing this on Idea Star Singer. Why sing the same old songs again and again and again every year.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Anoop delivers a nice one on ISS

Lovely song by Anoop though his gesticulations were a bit too exaggerated. Some portions looked lip-synced too. Nevertheless it was a lovely song and performance.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A new lovely Mallu song I have been tracking for sometime

I have been waiting for this song and has been eluding me for a long time. Finally it is accessible.

The movie is "Kadha Samvidhanam Kunjacko" and the song "Neela Koovala". Check it out here.

Music is by Thej and if I am right the male singer is Vineeth Sreenivasan. Meena and Sreenivasan are back as a duo after "Udayananu Thaaram".

And if you still haven't heard Najeem Arshad's (winner Idea Star Singer, 2007) movie hit from the movie Chembada, here it is on What a joy it was when it was played at one of the cinemas (I think Ainikkal) this holiday in Kerala.

Yet another lovely Swaralayam piece at ISS

Seriously Sharath must considering taking several of these songs and compile an album. This is the third song from Swaralayam that I was very impressed where Sharath tuned popular songs in a novel way. As usual Chithra's portion rocked. Wish they only laster longer.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another lovely fusion at ISS Season 4

Sharath should consider making an album if he can compose these lovely songs.

Idea Star Singer's host Ranjini's new phrase

As if we aren't tired of her "..and of course..", "not bad at all", "fabewlous", "anyways" (fill me in here guys for others) here comes another, "spot on yaar" and "spot on". Not forgetting her mannerisms, gestures, face/lip contortions, dance and Malayalam. If only she knew her frustrated viewers...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Death all around us

On Sunday begins the slaughter,
So much of death all around us,
Birds taken to their deaths,
They know not knowing where they are being taken to,
And later man bargaining and paying for their dead bodies and body-parts.

Another closer pic, the flare is the reflection from the windscreen of the cab.

Two marriage receptions yesterday

Actually invited to three but could make it to unavoidable two of them. Luckily the reception venues were at about 3 Km apart from each other.

The first was of Sathya's, ex-Vizualite where I could meet only few of my ex-company friends. Sathya ensured that for the music, songs were restricted to instrumental versions instead of blaring singing. There was even someone asking guests if the volume was ok. That was real sweet.

The second one was of Mr.Vishwanathan's daughter Sowmya who is a resident of our colony. Must mention that the food was awesome at the second reception. It was a nice feeling when the singer started singing "Thumbe Vaa" the malayalam hit of Ilayaraja in the midst of the Tamil numbers.

The nice co-incidence was the similarity of the garlands that the two couples were wearing.

A lovely song from Gangai Amaran and Vijay Yesudas

Check out "Vaan Nilavuthann" from the movie "Pugaipadam" at The reason I am posting this info is because Vijay is finally beginning to sound more like his father, the legend, Yesudas. The song has an old-song feel that is also nice.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Preethi rocks on Idea Star Singer

In fact in none of the performances so far has Preethi faltered one bit. Here's how she performed yesterday leaving the judges spell-bound. Clearly she is one of my favourites for the grand prize. Her take-it-easy, bubbly and cheerful demeanour is a plus.

The video below has her singing a Hindi song and that's perfectly done too. The acoustic version of "Naino Me Badra Chaye" is beautiful.

Quality of ISS goes further down

As if not sick and tired of the cringe moments that mar the show, here come four more to add to it, the mentors, after splitting the non-eliminated members into four groups.

I was sad to see Anu Jos go. Her quality of singing did come down but considering how many poor singers are there I think they should have given her a second chance.

The quality of performances barring a few like Preethi from Bombay (who will be singing today as well) has come down drastically. With the mentors canvassing for their team members judges are in a quandary as to how to offer low marks as well.

Meanwhile yesterday this fusion number from the singers/judges was worth mentioning and watching.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Pics and details from recent Kerala trip

A trip that passed by so quickly, thanks to the constant travelling.

Here are highlights of the events in pics.

Shajidamma and Shajidachan's place at Kara. No trip to Kerala is complete without a stopover at this home. Shajidamma is more of a mother to us.

Mother's place, Aratupuzha.

Aratupuzha - The Kadavu where we used to go for a bath with Valliyamma is gone, so are the steps leading to the top. The steps have been replaced with a tar road. The steps leading to the kadavu are also gone.

Asha's wedding. This one is after the "Thalikettu" at Guruvayoor.

And this one after the formalities in the marriage hall.
The Sadhya was good and the entire marriage such a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

I meet my collegmate, Haripriya after almost 18 years. In the pic is her daughter, Udhisha.

And the python her neighbours had caught. Notice the huge frog, the biggest I have ever seen beside it that was offered as a meal. The Python seems well fed for now.

And here's a small video I made of the snake and its prey.

Our cab breaks down at Koratty enroute from Ernakulam to Chalakudy.

The huge 75yrs to 100yrs or maybe even more old SharkaraMaavu (Mango tree) near Jaya's home in Chalakudy. The little kids standing below the tree should give you a scale of its height.

The fruit of these trees.

Cherai backwaters very near the beach.

For more pics related to the trip by click here.

Movies watched while in Kerala - Passenger, 2 Hariharnagar, Kanchipurathe Kalyanam (avoid this one) and the best of them all - Baghyadevada.

Rain, and heat - It was awesome the first two days with almost incessant rain but then towards the end of the trip it hardly rained and the heat was even worse than in Chennai. But I heard it is raining like crazy there now.

One unusual event - This was an accident where an Alto had tipped and had completely overturned. The wailing of the ladies from inside the car was heart renching but a crowd had gathered around the overturned car like bees rushing to save their Queen. Smoke was already coming out of the front of the car where the engine is and blood spillt on the road confirmed someone inside was injured and bleeding. I felt ashamed to have let the driver just drive by. He was already complaining that if he had to wait he would have to take the injured to hospital. But I guess considering the huge crowd that had gathered the inmates would have survived. I could only pray.

Yuvan's Sarvam and Muthirai

Yuvan scores with songs from Sarvam, now running in theatres in Chennai.

Kattrukullai - Lovely and sung by Yuvan.

Adada Vaa - not bad, looks lifted from some song in the west but innovative with the flute playing a haunting melody with the techno sounds in the background. Was that Illayaraja singing?

Neethane - Good too and only if it wasn't thig long.

The other songs aren't worth it.

Check them at

To-be-released "Muthirai" has nice numbers as well.

"Azhagana Neeyum", "July Madhathil", and the catchy "Night is Young" are the ones to listen to.

Nenjukkulla and Uyirae Uyirae are not bad either.

Listen to them here.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Leaving Kerala today evening

Should be in Chennai this time tommorow. I am told it is pretty hot there. It was an eventful trip, this time in Kerala.