Tuesday, May 05, 2009

ISS Season 4 gets off to a nice start, Arun Naik already a star?

I didn't watch IPL yesterday. Chennai Super Kings gave Deccan Charges a thrashing. Instead I watched Idea Star Singer Season 4. Somehow I was curious to see the new version. The sets are more atrocious with some lawn like thing in the foreground and some fruits (or are they fruits?) and balloons in the middle.

Chithra shouldn't have emoted the crying part of the song she was asked to sing.

But the guy who stole the show was Arun Naik, truly a star in the making for now. So I am curious to see what the other singers are made up too.

Couldn't locate the song he sang at ISS yesterday but here's another from the programme.

Somehow Ranjini didn't seem as obnoxious as she does or is it that I am getting used to her too.

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