Saturday, May 29, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 - my choice of winners

We all know that Jeanine won Season 5. Imagine, Season 6 is also complete and we in India are still are watching something that was over last August, 2009. Anyway, it is better watching something than not getting anything at all. The final is going to be aired coming Tuesday.

At the judges commented it is really sad that in the end talent has to be decided on the number of votes.

As for my choices for winners I have two dancers who I think deserved to win more than Jeanine (Winner) or Brandon (Runner-up) though both Jeanine and Brandon are good dancers.

I have two winners, one from the Girls and the other from the Boys. My choice for the girls is the stunning Kayla Radomski and for the boys - Ade Obayomi. Even Mellisa and Janette who were eliminated earlier were very good dancers.

Apart from being such a stunner Kayla's dancing is beautiful to watch. I will not be surprised if movie and other dance offers are coming her way already. Melissa was graceful too with her Ballerina experience behind her. The ever smiling and sportive Janette was very good too.

As for Ade I thought he was more professional, composed and graceful than Brandon and like Kayla, Ade's dancing is nice to watch. Brandon gives me the impression of a power-horse gymnast and not a beautiful dancer. And can Evan do anything other than his broadway routine in his solos. Choreographer Mia was going overboard supporting him and chiding Ade.

Good luck to Kayla and Ade.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Evergreen's latest single

When Evergreen contacted me about reviewing their latest single I had to wait for the weekend as I was busy doing a number of things.

I thank Evergreen for sending me their song, "Sublime Chilled out version" and asking me to review it. The song is done a lot more professionally and is also better than their previous version. The music is top-notch.

You may check out the single by listening to it here or by downloading it for free from the link below.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Isn't she beautiful? Neha Hinge, Miss India, 2010

Sometimes when I come across news on the internet about a beauty pageant I play a small game. I go through the final list of contestants and try and see if I can guess the winner. On several occasions I have been right, like this time for the Miss India, 2010 contest. Neha Hinge was my only choice and she did win the crown.

Congratulations Neha! I hope you are selected a winner on the International event as well. You are worth it.

All of a sudden, my blog looks so beautiful with her picture here.