Monday, April 06, 2009

The horror comes to Indian T.V now

I have been watching advertisements of "The Passion" on T.V these days that it is due to be telecast on one of the channels.

Years ago when it was released I knew what was inside this torture-fest of a film even without watching it. I wrote three elaborate reviews of the movie on and one about the book (that had pictures from the movie) well before the movie was to be released on DVD. I told viewers to stay away from this horrible and unreal film on Christ, an unreasonably exaggerated gory blood bath from start to finish. My reviews on were removed for reasons I don't know. They have a reporting feature on Amazon where people can flag reviews for removal and Amazon has the rights to remove them and they do. They were well-researched articles of the abominable film, a film that has nothing to do with the love, grace, forgiveness and spirituality that Jesus is all about. The articles were not anti-Christian or anti-Jewish either.

I had even predicated then that Mel Gibson's next movie would be on Human Sacrifice. Somehow the guy's mind has got so addicted towards cutting, maiming and killing of humans. Remember the final scenes of Bravehart where our hero is hoisted on a cross almost like Jesus. One website even tried to offer a psycological explanation saying Mel Gibson was trying to get rid of some problems of his by making such films. I had predicted that he would make a movie about the Aztecs and their human sacrifices. I was close. He did a movie on the Mayans.

Stay away from this horrible film. You and your children are much better off not watching this gory torture-fest where you only imbibe thoughts of cruelty, hatred and barbarism. Is that what Christ's birth and death were all about?

Let this post not give you an impression that I am against Christ or Christians. I am a Hindu in this lifetime of mine and I am also a believer of The Christ. Jesus did die a horrible death but it wasn't like the one Mel Gibson is exaggerating in this movie. The nobility, purpose and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ's death is missing. Many of these guys don't even understand why Jesus sacrificed his life when he could command 12 legions of Angels to his rescue. I am told that there is even a scene showing Jesus nude. Preposterous!

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