Tuesday, April 07, 2009

ISS -2008 -Sonia sparkles, Gayathri does miserably yet judges praise her

It was a total disappointment watching a breathier Gayathri sing "Kannan varum Velai". Her voice was so muffled and so much out of tune when compared to the original. The entire performance was a disaster but I wonder why judges didn't want to tell her that. Instead they kept beating about the bush telling her she was OK, good etc.

On the other hand Sonia did extremely well singing "Oru Murai vandhu paarthaya" and though she was given an 89 I don't think she got the praise she deserved from the judges except for Usha Uthup.


kavitha said...

Yeah Absolutely. I felt exactly the same way when i saw the way the judges behaved yesterday... While they tore Imran apart once when he had performed badly, they were not so blunt with gayathri. They were smiling, tolerating, infact, praising... which she totally did not deserve. While sonia's performance was exemplary, their reaction was so lukewarm and insipid... Anyway, I am quite sure sonia will go a long way... Reminds me of the case where Karthik lost in the Sun TV contest Saptaswarangal, only to go on to become one of the leading playback singers of India. Sonia - Luck be with you!

Subash S L said...

Oh yes, Kavitha. I'll never forget how Venugopal scolded Imran in the fusion round. It was sad. Imran should have shown him the finger and walked off the stage. C'mon , the participants are supposed to be docile, subservient slaves. These guys don't know that without an attitude there would be no rock. And without rock our filmi music wouldn't be what it is today. I also remember Sharath grilling Arya and that poor Somadas. Both of them took it very bravely. Poor Somadas did his best despite having no Carnatic music learning.

Sonia is going to win the competition anyway. Unless Gayathri comes up with some unusual surprises but I strongly doubt that.

There is some competition among the guys but Vivekanandan is already showing signs of a clear winner.

kavitha said...

Vivekanandan is emerging a better singer than the others. While prasobh used to be good, he has become a bit shallow in the last few performances. And you are right about Gayathri... I dont think she has it in her to win the competition. Somdas, yeah, he is is good in his own way. Atleast he is not pesudo like some of the other singers. Anyway, it is nice to be able to share all these thoughts with someone who thinks like me. Thanks Subash :-)