Thursday, March 19, 2009

Poor Arya bears the brunt of someone else's fault

Vivekanandan is ony getting better with each performance. The melody of yesterday's "Samyamagannoru Udyaname.." was beautiful particularly in the words "..Deviyundodevi..". Sonia's was good if not excellent.

Here is Vivek's performance.

But the real tradedy was in Arya's performance who unfortunately is getting poorer with each performance. Selecting the techno version of Ilayaraja's "Inji Iduppazhaga" maybe was a bad choice but judges took off on the poor thing because they hated the techno version of the original. Why blame the poor girl if someone else did the Techno version? Then the judges tell her that she must have consulted them for a better song. Why? Why can't participants choose their own song. I indicated this a few posts ago. The poor thing even confessed that she hadn't listened to the original or even know it existed. But the damage was done. One by one they let their fury on her who took the scolding with a brave face.

Don't miss today's Gayathri's performance as it looked so good. She is singing one of Gayathri's songs that the latter dueted with Venugopal (who is judging) the show.

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