Saturday, March 21, 2009

I finally locate a classic Kannada song

Everytime I watched this beautiful song I always would tell myself that I have to watch this movie but I never did. After a long time wait it is finally on YouTube or probably it was there and I couldn't find it.

(The video has been removed on YouTube)

And here's another classic from Malayalam featuring the one and only Shoba. An acoustic classic I couldn't believe a song like this existed in Malayalam when I first heard/saw it.

And here's a sweet singer Hemlatha who had big hits in the 80's. Here is one of them.

I am reminded so much of Adithi Chandra my classmate at Vana Vani who used to sing a lot of these songs in our school in the 80's. I hope she is doing well. Whenever the teacher for a class was absent (called a "free period") Adithi would be requested to sing and she would simply comply happily.

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