Sunday, March 08, 2009

Here a slum, there a slum, everywhere a slum slum...

First comes the sick movie that took everyone by surprise or should I say everyone for a ride. And when people are just beginning to have enough of the movie comes them media overflowing with reports of slums and people in the slums in the newspapers, magazines, T.V, Radio the Internet and et all. I am afraid many people outside India and who know little about India are going to be misled by these "slum" reports.

As Yogananda Paramahansa writes in his books India was the richest country in the world till the 15'th century until the foreigners arrived via trade, conquests and later colonization. Even today India is a rich country considering how it feeds its over-one-billion human population and domestic animal population (including the world's biggest cow population) everyday, provides water for the essential activities of both man, animal and industry and manages the waste (human/animal/industrial) generated. Although there are many that live below the poverty line India is not a place full of slums.

Hardly a day passes when there is not a reference to the slum and its dwellers somewhere in the media these days. All because of some silly film that is going to do more damage to India than good. It has won Oscars, BAFTA's and other coveted awards for Indians who worked in the movie but what you see in "Slumdog Millionaire" is an exaggeration of the slums in India. The media had better stop their affinity with the slums. After all what good does it do to the slums anyway and to improve the life there.

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