Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's a shame this movie was completely ignored for the Oscars this year

First of all I am not sure if "Seven Pounds" is going to be considered for next years Oscars but if it was ignored for this year's Oscars then a big mistake has been made. I am actually at a loss for words for the brilliant movie this is. By all means don't miss this one. After all the romance that we have seen on screen all these years I am awestruck at directors who can still churn out such passionate and fresh romance as it is in Seven Pounds. I cannot imagine a movie as this being ignored considering the other movies that made it to the Oscars this year. Never miss it. Rosario Dawson and Will Smith deliver the performance of a lifetime. Other cast and crew do their parts well too.

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Paolo said...

It is a 2008 feature film. The only awards the film won are the Image awards for both the lead actors and nominations for the black reel awards which it missed out on. Good film but I felt it could have been better when compared to pursuit of happyness. I would love to see such well scripted films come out in Malayalam however wishful it is.