Friday, March 27, 2009

A memorable show at ISS 2008

First comes the stunner from Sonia that left KPAC Lalitha sobbing uncontrollably. What lovely singing. The flat is yours girl!

It was interesting to know that Bharathan has composed the beautiful song "..Vaal Kannadi" from the film "Keli".

Vivekanandan also gave a stellar performance and Rimi Tomi sang "Malare" very well with Prashob. Venugopal commenting on Prashob's performance was at fault again when he said how Prashob's singing reminded him so much of SPB's singing. That was totally wrong. Though Prashob tried to sing like SPB did and even tried some improvisation there were flaws.

Rimi Tomi presence as always was sparkling.

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