Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It is Gayathri's turn to sizzle on ISS

I am happy Gayathri is still there in the competition and last night's performance would have been a knock-out one if only she hadn't lost control of the words of the song in some places.

Her looks, attire, attitude and her sensuous body language were perfect for the remix song she performed. I don't know what singer Venugopal found it so annoying in her performance that he had to comment so poorly. I had a strong feeling that he was so spell boutnd with Gayathri's performance he could only chide her instead of lauding her. What a loser! I wanted to throw him out of the judges panel for the way he was talking last night. As it is his sissy attitude gets on my nerves. At the end of it all he still says "..but Gayathri you did your part well.." Well that's exactly you need to be saying for a performance as that.

What Venugopal found annoying every one of the other judges loved it. What Venugopal also doesn't know is that the original was a sensuous number in itself and by using a techno remix song of the original and taking it to another sensuous level is in no way doing injustice to it. I can understand when judges were annoyed with the remix of "Inji Iduppazhaga" but then that's how most remixes are made. If the judges are pissed with the remixes they must vent their anger on the people who made these remixes on the first place and not on the hapless contestants. Why then in the world do they have such a "remix-round" in the competition.

Way to go Gayathri.

Meanwhile I am reminder of Roopa's performance in last years Super Star Global where I told her the lyrics to "Thulluvatho Ilamai". Roopa unfortunately lost sight of the lyrics in her performance. Roopa also did tell me that Gayathri had contacted her for advice. Was it Roopa who adviced Gayathri for the remix round. Gayathri certainly did better.

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