Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My first Roopa's Performance

I have seen one earlier performance on YouTube of Roopa's where she sang "Kavithai Kelungal", Vani Jayaram's hit from "Punnagai Mannan" and I thought it was a good performance if not a great one. The very important thing to notice about Vani Jayaram's songs are that they have this very unique voice tone to them and they can be emulated but not surpassed. You can come up with a better version provided you have a unique voice as hers. The other thing that you can do is to imitate her voice but then that is hardly original.

My heart today was beating fast in excitement when the clock stuck 8 tonight. Roopa's performance was the first. As she was speaking I noticed that her voice sounded different. I later come to understand that her voice was indeed blocked. Inspite of this I think Roopa put on a great performance. She sang the difficult number exactly as it was sung. It would have certianly had a bigger impact had only she sung with her unblocked full voice. Without her full voice the song lacked energy. Vani Jayaram and Jaychandran did find few mistakes but they were kind enough to advise Roopa on how to overcome them. Unlike YouTube there was enough to watch of Roopa. Roopa broke down twice emotionally and it was painful to watch. I did vote and look forward to her duet tomorrow.

I did take a peek at American Idol, actually my first show and I only wonder how our judges would react if the contestants of our shows were to conduct like the ones on A.Idol.

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