Sunday, February 24, 2008

So why am I going to get Tata Sky?

You guessed it right. To watch Roopa on Super Star Global on Amrita Channel of course. It has been Roopa mania here ever since last Thursday. Countless hours have been spent watching and re-watching her videos and I and Suji just don't seem to get tired of this girl. Like actor S V Sekar says in the movie "Varumayin Niram Sivappu", "Sarvam Dileep Mayam" it has been "Sarvam Roopa Mayam" for us this weekend and I don't known when it will end. Where was she all this time and what were we all doing without her?

In all my life no singer from India has got me awestruck with live performances as Roopa has. I am reminded of the oft repeated statement "service with a smile" every time I watch her. Thanks to Karthika, the 17 year old from UAE who is uploading all her performances on YouTube on a regular basis. Even the site dedicated to Roopa has videos from Karthika.

Two more great performances on YouTube. The first, "Bahon Mein Chale Aao". Roopa did make two slips (not mistakes) but they can be easily forgiven. Like Unni Menon said compared to the original this was the best level anyone could take it to.

The second one is one of Sharath's favourite compositions for Chitra called "Maaleyam". Honestly, I found Roopa's version better than the original.

I haven't included the comment videos but you can get them on YouTube.

These days the viewers, auddience and judges are there just to watch and enjoy her performance and not to judge her or find fault with her. Thanks once again to Amritha channel for letting the world know about this "Phenomenon" called Roopa.


Biju said...

Welcome to the club, Sir :)

Subash S L said...

Thanks, Biju, I've got it. Couldn't believe I could get it in a day.

Subash S L said...

Actually I can't believe I'll be watching SGG in another 26 minutes from now. Hope Roopa is performing today. It said just 3 more days to the Grand Finale on the comments video for "Baho Mein Chale Aao".