Thursday, February 07, 2008

Made in Japan, this product is just unbeatable

Do you laught out loud? Like laugh till you are rolling on the floor. When was the last time you did that? When we are younger these moments are a plenty but as we grow older laughter seems less in our lives (may not be the case in yours) but that was generally speaking. As for me I do laugh out really loud and I love a good rip roaring laugh. Laughter afterall is a very good medicine for one's well being.

But I was hardly prepared for what I was going to see on YouTube on Wednesday the 9'th of January. I have been addicted to YouTube for sometime now (a post is pending on the same) but what happened that Wednesday night will be a day to remember because I have never laughed so much in probably my entire life. I laughed so much that my stomach and head were aching bad, maybe reiterating the statement that too much of anything isn't good. I was laughing so loudly and was alone in my room. It was late at night too and I was wondering if security would come knocking on my door. So the first thing I decided was to spread the news. I had a rocking time at Suji's place when I showed her the videos and then with Sathish and Sneha at my place a few days later. Mother saw it a few days ago.

Before I display the links let me actually set up the stage. Sometimes my writing could could also make you expect a lot but if you have been watching programs like Candid Camera (which I later began to dislike) and Just for Laughs, Gags on the Pogo TV Channel you are going to see something similar. I repeat only "something" similar. You have no idea what these videos are going to show you. So let's watch them, Japanese style. Honestly I don't think anyone else could do it better and I never knew the Japanese had such a taste for humour too. Even though the language is Japanese you will understand every bit of the fun and pun. Watch them in the order that I have presented below and enjoy.

This first, called Taxi Drivere is similar to the a People's Choice video on Just for Gags but there is absolutely no comparision. In fact I actually wanted to close the browser but I am more than glad I didn't.

Fun at the Ski resorts

and to top them all, The Amazing toilets

There is a sequel to the Taxi Driver, Taxi Driver 2 and here it is.

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