Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Idea Star Singer vs Super Star Global

I have just watched two shows of Super Star Global after subscribing to Tata Sky and I can clearly say Super Star Global wins hands down when compared to Idea Star Singer. There is no question about it. Not that SSG does not have defects and not that ISS does not have any merits, but overall my thumbs up clearly goes in favor of SSG. Here is my detailed unbiased analysis. Let me know what you feel.

1. Production - SSG is truly professional. Monday being the first day of the week the host took time to introduce the guests and the chief guest of the show, singing legend Vani Jayaram. Everything was done so well and Shyama the host does a far better job than Ranjini. All over YouTube there are numerous viewers demanding Ranjani be thrown out of ISS and for good reason. The interaction among the judges, and the singers before and after the performance on SSG is truly pleasant and professional. Performers and judges really take time out to interact and not via strict time slots as in ISS. It is impromptu and it feels good instead of having to talk only at a particular time. Shyama is more relaxed and introduces guests pleasantly unlike ISS where it looks as though the introduction is accompanied by a drum roll. Conversations between contestants and judges are a lot more meaningful and purposeful. ISS clearly needs some better programming and event management.

Graphics, Editing, Music on SSG are also better and more pleasant than on ISS. ISS has a bigger stage but that hardly matters. Both ISS and SSG need to do some filtering of their guests though. I am sure there are more passionate beings who could be better guests at both the shows.

2. When is the show going to be over? Each time you think 2 or more are going to be eliminated from ISS, just one is. Looks like the show will go on till the end of the year at this rate. I can already see the pressure on M G Sreekumaran who I think feels the show must have been long over by now. The strain is also showing on the participants and I am sure many of them think the same. In the elimination round on Monday Vani admitted that was hardly worried if she was in or out of the competition. And how much longer do we have to put up with the host of ISS, I am not sure.

3. Judgement - I happy the judges on ISS are now giving their marks instead of making Ranjini, the fortune teller guess them. Here is one thing I like in ISS in that, that judges are critical of performances. Even Usha Uthup who is always encouraging never fails to remark when it needs to be done. Here is where I am not fully in favor of SSG. Jaychandran and Chithra Iyer seem to be praising contestants even if they are making mistakes or if they had performed poorly. While it is encouraging it gives viewers a false impression. Both Teena and Jeethendra's performances lacked lustre but the judges were never critical of the same. On ISS it can sometimes can get very far and contestants are left in tears although some of the comments may be justified. But I have noticed some situations where I thought the judges went a bit too far. I have respect for both M G Annan and Sharath for their musical acumen but Sharath is certainly not a person to be taken very lightly. Even a small intimidation can evoke a serious response from him which I think is not quite correct. At least on two occassions I have seen him snub contestants. Some arguements of his are also unwarranted and there is no use in trying to console a participant after making him or her cry. This makes contestants seem very subservient to him whereas on SSG contestants are more free and this also puts them at ease to bring forth a better performance.

4. Guests - A plethora of guests have come and gone on ISS but the guests on SSG are fewer. However on SSG they certainly speak more and considerably well on music whereas in ISS they don't do that and neither do they get the room to do that. I am also in favor of guests related to music like Karthik, Unni Krishnan and Sujatha on SSG than many of those on ISS who have hardly any say in music.

5. No self proclamations that SSG is the best but on ISS I have already heard them enough that ISS is the best, most watched show etc.

6. Talent - Here ISS clearly scores. Najim, Durga, Hesham are better than most contestants on SSG. There are others who are good too like Thushar and Amrutha but I'll keep them in my second best list and many others who put on memorable performances, Krishnajith, Teenu Telence, Arun Gopan and Bineetha. However SSG has one contestant who beats them all and that of course is Roopa who stands so tall that no one from any contest show that is on currently can even come close.

7. Judgements and Elimination - I am yet to see eliminations on SSG but there is less drama at least when announcing the safe and danger zones. On ISS it is a nightmare with play acting, crying, embracing and such. Ranjini and the guest that come to announce who is in and who is out of the competition take it to pathetic and hysterical levels testing our patience. Many a time I would just leave the room and wait for my son or wife to tell me who won and who lost.

Were judgements fair? Not on ISS. However here the judges cannot be blamed. Two contestants Sunny and Vijay Madhav had a very long run which I understand were due to the number of votes they were getting.

8. Rounds and creativity - ISS sucks with its stupid rounds such as Family and friends, Property round etc. Why judge a singer on his dancing, acting, set designing abilities? How many of today's big singers had to do these to get this far in their careers? In fact I doubt if any of them would have even made it had they had to go through a competition as this. Isn't this supposed to be a music show? I believe SSG has categories too but I haven't seen anything wierd as in SSG.

9. Host - The quality of ISS will improve if Ranjini alone is removed from her job. Many have told me that they mute her parts and listen to the performances alone and several others have stopped watching the show because of her. I have seen Shyama on SSG make mistakes but they are few and forgivable. Overall I think she does a very nice job. Meera, initially who came to participate on ISS and subsequently who co-hosted ISS could have anchored the show as well. And talking of hosts, Gandharva Sangeetham on Kairali TV has a very pleasant and attractive host. I could write about Gandharva Sangeetham too but I'll save that for another post. I am not writing about Star Wars (you are wondering how I manage to see all of these, actually I don't) because I am a big Stars Wars fan and I think George Lucas or the Star Wars franchise should be suing Kairali for stealing the Star Wars logo. Shame on these guys who couldn't come up with a better name. Even the font and style of the original Star Wars logo has be copied.

It is Wednesday today and I cannot wait to watch Roopa perform "Ezhu Swarangalukkul" Vani Jayaram's evergreen and very popular hit in front of Vani Jayaram herself. On SSG Vani provides tips and insights that are a delight to listen. I am moved by her intelligence and her voice that she has worked hard to retain inspite of age. I am sure it is going to be another feather in the cap for Roopa who has been delighting us, one after the other with her mind blowing live performance.


Cartoonist said...

Enough ! I have to give it to you, Subash, for this most analytical but pleasant study of SSG vis a vis ISS. I am too quite maddened by the antics of Renjini on stage, whose face breaks off into grotesque caricatures of her MANGLISH personified, off and on, beating all my lingering imaginative skills as a cartoonist !

Anyhtime, I like to watch Gandharva Samgeetham more readily as the groomong sessions are more honest and the contestants are not yet fully accustomed to fraudulent play-actings that is the norm in these 'reality' shows..

Hhahaha !

Subash S L said...

Hi Sajeev,

Thanks for the feedback. Just reminds me that I need to write about you and Lekha and the caricature you made of us way back in 2005.

dj said...

Idea star singer 2007, just making all audience "BIG FOOLS"

after the first round of singing in the mega finals, result came like arun gopan in the first, then durga, then thushar, and lastly najim.

this was a pre-planned result to get more votes to Arun (remember money goes to the conductors)

In the first round durga and najim had a difference of 4 marks. But in second round najim got 162 and durga 151.
that means najim was 13 marks (4+9) ahead of durga.
Can anybody agree with this mark difference of 14 in the second round. Durga was so much bad in her singing in second round ?
Actually Balamuralikrishna was stubbed at her performance in the second round that he happened to have a drop of tears came in his eyes when she was on her percussions. Did anybody noticed that?

I am not telling that najim was bad, but why asianet is making audience a fool? In first round result they made us a fool by bringing Arun in first place.
In second round they made us fool by giving Najim 14 marks more than Durga.

Subash S L said...

Hello dj,

Certainly a lot of gimmicks are going on. Even SSG resorted to it on Amrita TV. In both the contests the winners have already been confirmed. Both Roopa and Najim already clearly knew they were going to win. It is not like the Oscars or the Miss Universe kind of contests where the nominees and contestans are kept in the dark till the last minute. If you notice the grand daddy of all these reality shows, American Idol, even top performers there are eliminated so randomly. In our shows it isn't so. One other thing the poor audience on the show and those watching don't realise that no last minute voting actually causes any change. All the changes are manipulated by the show organizers. Roopa told me how one viewer alone was sending Jeethu a 1000 votes from his cellphone. I bet there could have been many such guys doing it for Jeethu. Yet towards the end of the show Roopa's ratings gradually overshot Jeethu. It was pure gimick and nothing else. They had already decided that Roopa should win and she deserved it too but all that SMS vote requesting and stuff are pure stunts. Very few people know that the voting is to just make the phone companies richer.