Saturday, March 08, 2008

Two weeks of Tata Sky

I can say that it can get very addictive, movies, shows, et all and it did. As for the programs I intended to watch I wasn't disappointed either. The quality of the transmission is so good when compared to that of your local cable operator that you can even identify the make-up done on the artistes, performers and judges on the reality shows, both ISS on Asianet and SSG on Amrita.

Having taken the new service with the sole purpose of watching SSG and Roopa I wasn't disappointed. However Roopa's performances did lack her true form due to poor health and poor song selection. It was a big let down when I came to know from sources that the song selection for performers in SSG is rigged. Contestants aren't allowed to choose songs to sing and instead have to sing the ones the producers of the show ask them to. In spite of this it was fortunate Roopa got to sing many good numbers. Even the audience selection is rigged. The write to them via their e-mail address to request your favorite singer to sing is all a sham. Could you imagine judge of the show, Jayachandran's sister in the audience yesterday requesting Roopa to sing a hardly heard of Tamil song. I am sure you and I have over 100 super songs that Roopa can sing in the place of that one. Of all the songs on the planet requesting Roopa to sing "Elamcholai Poothadha" sung by SPB from the movie "Unakkagave Vazhgiren"? I could bet it was highly unlikely that the requester did not know the name of the movie unless someone had gave her that information. The song was a small hit way back when it was made which I guess was almost well over a decade ago. But remembering the name of the movie and selecting it over innumerable good songs for a request, clearly proves something fishy going on.

Meanwhile on ISS the strain on the participants and more obviously on the judges is clearly showing. I get a strong feeling everyone there is praying for the show to end. The very polite Usha Uthup for the first time commented on Vani Jayaram's recent performance saying it was one of the "worst". I never thought she would use that word. Najim, my favorite for the grand prize is one contestant who still seems in the contest and delivering one fantastic performance after the other. Amrutha seems to be singing songs that Roopa had already sung on SSG. Check Amrutha's performance with that of Roopa's and judge yourself which is better. I wonder what will judges who give Amrutha such high marks feel when they listen to the same songs sung by Roopa.

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