Friday, May 22, 2009

Arun Naik, scolded by judges runs the gauntlet on ISS Season 4

Sometimes I even wonder why I am watching this show. Most of the time I am only listening to it from the adjacent room unless it is something I like to watch, particularly a good performance. But eventually I end up watching more parts of the show.

I wanted to write this post earlier appalled by the way judges were taking Arun Naik for a ride during his second introductory performance but time was a constraint. I am sure Arun's rating would have only gone up and would have only won him more sympathy from the thousands who watched him early this week.

True, it wasn't Arun's day that day but being told things like "...ahangaaram koodi ..." by M G Sreekumaran and Sharath's, (translated into English) "...could have practised when you were getting calls from new fans.." were just too much even for the audience to take. Imagine all this being told in the presence of Arun's mother. The judges wouldn't stop and one after the other it looked they enjoyed whipping the poor guy. Only Chithra's words didn't seem that harsh. I think Shwetha did one good thing by giving him an affectionate hug and consoling the sobbing Arun. It looked so sad. Asianent is sure selling this emotional roller-coaster. So are they encouraging judges to scold competitors.

And as usual, Ranjini was at her usual worst during such incidents. Don't know when she is going to shut her mouth or get out of the show. Why can't there be a voting for her?

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Anonymous said...

I reached your article when searching to see what Arun is doing now a days. You are so right in your views and it is shared by many many viewers. I have so many friends (all highly educated and acomplished professionals) who now have stopped watching Idea Star Singer just because of Ranjini.