Saturday, May 09, 2009

Coldplay in trouble again

In January 2006 I wrote a review of ColdPlay's album X and Y on You can check the review here where I wrote how Colplay is nothing but a overly hyped U2 clone. I did a song by song comparison of their music and the music of the originals from where things have been lifted. Coldplay did credit the German band "Kraftwerk" for lifting some of their tunes.

Now a third artiste has accused Coldplay of plagiarism. First it was a band from New York, then it was ace guitarist Joe Satriani and now Cat Stevens.

I actually wonder whether these guys are capable of anything original. Beats, keys, bass, guitar, singing, group vocals, piano notes are all lifted from the music of other bands, particularly U2. The most copied element is the singing style of U2's frontman Bono's vocals.

If U2 sues them it will not surprise me.

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