Friday, May 08, 2009

When to mute your TV while watching Idea Star Singer

I only wonder why the people behind the show cannot watch other reality shows elsewhere on other channels to find out how they are being conducted and replicate the same or make improvements to the very popular show where so much of talented singers are participating.

Apart from the garish sets, the uncomfortable judges seats, these are the moments when I mute my T.V's audio -

1. The moment they have that ominous sounding music just after a performance and before the judges give their verdict where the judges are seen pretending they are in a big discussion. This is a new feature totally unecessary.

2. Another sick new feature when they ask one of the members in the audience if the marks given to a participant was good judgement. None of the members so far have said anything contrary to marks given by the judges so as to give an impression that everything was done fair. Totally Sick! The whole thing looks so phony and rigged too.

and "of course" When Ranjini does her talking.

Instead of making this show better why do these guys have to resort to such sick tactics?

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