Saturday, December 20, 2008

Two overly hyped movies

The first one, Slumdog Millionaire and the other Amir Khan's Ghajini.

Answer this question? Do Indian kids living in poverty dangle one another by their feet, from the rooftops of moving trains to snatch and steal food from passengers below through the windows and entrances of the trains? And when the dangling kids are grabbing the food others are fighting them off. We all know these kind of things never happen. Yet that is what one of the clips from the movie show. Preposterous! What was the director thinking of India? What research did he do to throw in such a scene?

A R Rahman has already been nominated for Slumdog Millionaire and I am beginning to get a feeling that he may eventually win for compositions that hardly mean anything. If A R wins a Golden Globe or an Oscar it is a good thing for India and for all of his fans but I only wished he wins for something that is worth winning for. His songs in Ghajini are not impressive either. In one of the songs Asin is doing a "koothu" kind of a dance in an elegant gown. Two of the songs, Guzarish and another a duet sung by Benny Dayal are impressive but they remind me heavily of other English songs. If I recollect them I will report. Songs in the original Ghajini are hard to beat and I don't know why Amir or Murugadoss roped in A R to do the score.

I had already written about the violence in the original film (check this post ) and from what I have been reading Ghajini isn't short of violence either.

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Biju said...

Subash, Read a lot about Slumdog Millionaire. Here in one of the news papers, read an interview with Anil Kapoor, and he was talking as if this was the greatest movie ever made!!
Regarding Ghajini, I'm also not going to see the Aamir Khan movie for the same reason. Had seen the tamil movie in DVD, and we had to fast forward a lot in the second half since my daughter was also watching it along with us, and at times it was a bit brutal.
The songs were just too good in that, it would be difficult to beat that. I still have that song as my mobile ringtone, just couldn't get a better ringtone after that at all :-)
Hats off to Harris Jayaraj for such a wonderful composition.