Thursday, December 25, 2008

Off to Kerala

It is my first vacation in a year. Last December we had the good fortune of going to Kerala with parents, sister's family and brother's family and the one day trip to Vega Land wasn't enough. So it is back to loading myself with saturated fat, "marriage sadhya", visiting relatives, temples, rivers, acres of green green fields....

I need to pack but before that I need to drop off the little squirrel at a caretaker who is trained to take care of these little ones. He hasn't opened his eyes yet but will I take him back after the vacation is the question. Maybe I will.

Meanwhile another squirrel began creating its nest in the usual bathroom window.

Jaya, being tired of the whole thing demolished the nest before it could be fully constructed but it may build one in our absence. Anyway gotto get going. The train leaves at 3:30 A.M tomorrow.

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