Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mallu girl is Miss World runner-up

I was somewhat keen on watching the live programme on the Zee Cafe channel after knowing it was a girl from Kerala that was representing India. However the show looked very unprofessional and too much bragging about South Africa. Even the microphone of the male presenter went dead though it was cleverly covered by the female presenter. Mic handling and interviewing were very poor.

When Parvathi Omanakuttan's name was the 15'th in the top 15 list we jumped up in our seats. When her name was listed in the top 5 I was sure she would end up in the top 3 if not for no.1. In the top 5 the other very impressive girl was Miss Angola and in the top 15 Miss Ukraine and Miss Khazakstan. Anyway here's something for us to feel good about. Congratulations to Parvathy.

South Africa is a beautiful country but it is rigged with violence and many living outside S. Africa aren't aware of. A big Malayalee population lives in Durban and Johannesberg and I was told by a South African friend that every year at least one or two Malayalees are shot dead. My friend's uncle himself was one such victim shot in the head. My wife's friend's family was busted by a gang of burglars and one of them shot her father-in-law dead. Meena who was filming for the song in "Avvai Shanmugi" also mentions of an incident she saw from a bridge where someone was being robbed.


Mustang said...

yep.. it was sure interesting to know that a mallu was getting there.. but kudos to her 2nd runner up position.

SA - lovely place to be in.. if you want to look lovely aka be a tourist, carefree and all, one gets a one way ticket to the stratosphere and beyond..

also, its not only a few mallus are shot every year.. its much more than that...
one thing confuses me though.. with such high crime rates.. why do they still remain there?


swetha said...

i was suprised that parvathy has got in to best five.i think people beutiful than her live in india.
she has got 1st runner up bcoz showing off her skin a lot more than others.i dont think she deserves it........

Subash S L said...

First reply to Mustang. That friend of my wife in whose house the gang broke in and shot her father-in-law was pregnant when the incident happened. She went through severe trauma and she either had an abortion or the child that was born died. She eventually moved to India where she passed away. I am not sure if the trauma caused her death but it must have worsened her physical condition whatever that was that lead to the condition.

To Swetha - Of course there are girls more beautiful than her who live not only in India but also all around the world. I believe Parvathy was complaining that the Jury was unfair. I think she must be happy with whatever she got.

Biju said...

Somehow the Miss world contests doesn't generate the same interest that it used to some years back (atleast in my case). I did not watch the program, and am just wondering whether these programs are actually useful to anyone at all! Are the winners really doing something for the needy? Atleast if they are able to bring some of the basic issues to the fore front, it would be an achievement. The answers that they give in the contest and even the emotions seems to be very very artificial.
In less than a year, people will forget about the winners and the next thing you hear is that she is a heroine in a bollywood movie!
(just my personal thoughts...)