Friday, December 12, 2008

How to update AVG if you get the missing .bin file error

AVG has now released a new update for the version 8.0 free program but when you try updating the traditional way you will get a "Missing .bin file" error. From the forums online I tried the following method and it worked.

1) Go to
2) Make a directory on your desktop or on any of your drives (preferably a non-system drive such as D or E if C is your system drive) called AVG
3) Download AVI: 270.9.17
4) Download IAVI: / 1845
5) Move the dowloaded files to the directory you made called AVG
6) Launch AVG
7) Select tools -> update from directory
8) Select the directory called AVG where you put the downloads

and it should work fine. It did for me.

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Mustang said...

there is also another error... with the cth files...

go to documents/.... avg/downloads... rename 3 cth files.. right click on updater.. works like a charm.