Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to make 1800 calls to the U.S from India for free

I have tried making 1800 toll free calls to the U.S.A with BSNL and with Airtel landlines and it was just impossible. In fact with Airtel you cannot even dial 1800 numbers inside India that was when I last used an Airtel land line almost two years ago. If any of you know how to make such a call with BSNL land line phones to the U.S let me know.

However you can call any 1800 number in the U.S and for free using Skype. I am not sure if you can call similar toll free numbers in other countries but you can call the U.S. Just select destination country as United States and call. No charges are made to your account.

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Mustang said...

nice nice !!! dint know that.. but then again, there are not many residential numbers that are toll free..