Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Can people look beautiful when they cry?

You bet they can be. One of the earlier instances in my life was when I saw a classmate, a girl, cry in school. It must have been in the 5'th or 6'th grade. It was the first time I saw her cry. She was a studious girl and she was crying becuase she got very low marks in a test. Instead of feeling sorry I was only surprised at how beautiful she looked when she was crying. It was a strange yet beautiful experience. I have been witness to quite a few similar incidents later in life too. Sometimes even a teary eyed face looks beautiful as it happened on a recent trip to Kerala. The scene wasn't actually one of pathos. This time a relative of mine, someone in her early teens had some physical discomfort that got her teary-eyed and I couldn't help admiring the beauty in those eyes.

So why am I writing all this? I was just reminded of these incidents when I saw Amrutha cry on Idea Star Singer (ISS) on Asianet. Please don't get the impression that I would like to watch her cry or that judges should make her cry. Amrutha is a softie and easily breaks down and yesterday Usha Uthup's comments were harsh enough to make her cry. Didi is aware of Amrutha's sensitivity but I wonder what made her be so rude to the girl. As I wrote before even the judges are cracking on ISS these days. Amrutha made a genuine mistake but one that didn't deserve such a treatment. This is the second time I am seeing Didi make such a harsh comment. Earlier she had done it to Vani. It was hurting to see Amrutha sob and when she said "I am sorry Didi", it broke my heart. I am sure she did break many other hearts as well. Though Amrutha tried best to recoup she could hardly speak and Ranjini (thanks to her) had to speak on her behalf towards the end while requesting for votes.

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