Friday, April 04, 2008

Roopa and I

Tomorrow is the Grand Finale of SSG, and it is going to be telecast live at 6:30 P.M. My home is going to be full to some extent as we intent to make it a family viewing event. I have voted like crazy for Roopa but I am weary of the outcome because Roopa is still trailing behind the leader Jeethu. In fact if Roopa loses it will be a shame for the show having voted a winner just on the basis of votes. I just can't imagine Roopa not winning the crown after all those memorable performances. If she wins it will certainly be a celebration for us.

Anyway here's something I wanted to divulge only after the show because I didn't want people to misunderstand I was canvassing for Roopa on this blog although I can perfectly be doing just that, why not? The fact is, I have been in touch with Roopa. It all happened exactly one week after I wrote that big post on this blog just a few weeks ago. Sometimes the "law of attraction" is unbelievable. I was so passionate about the post on Roopa and I couldn't believe that a distant relative (Jaya's cousin Shuba's husband Ajay) actually was a close friend of Roopa's violin teacher. After getting Roopa's number I didn't call but sent her a couple of SMS messages and to the second one she replied asking me to call her whenever I found time. I was so overjoyed that I still retain that SMS on my mobile. I called her that Thursday morning and both I and Suji spent a good deal of time talking to her. She was going to her old school that day for a shoot. After that we have spoken several times although I make sure she isn't disturbed or taking her voice rest before her performances. Sometimes I just send SMS messages.

I consider myself priviliged to have helped Roopa by providing the tamil lyrics for four of her songs on SSG, Kaatril Enthan Geetham, Thulluvadho Ilamai, Enthan Nenjil Neengatha and Singara Velane.

If you find Roopa worthy of the title please do vote for her. As of this writing she is trailing behind the leader Jeethu on SMS votes. If you think you haven't watched her performances check out my earlier posts on her or check out the site made for her at You can also watch her performances on YouTube. Just enter "Roopa SSG" in the search field on the page and perform a search. Here is one of her recent memorable performances.


Anonymous said...

i am a roopa fan too
am glad that there's someone out there passionate about roopa like me
i couldnt vote coz i live abroad but had my fingers crossed
anyway it feels absolutely great to see her as the super star global
by the way
if ur still in touch with roopa say hi to her and say that i would be one of the crazy fans!

Subash S L said...

Yes, but who are you anonymous?