Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Amrutha makes a sad exit

It sure came as a blow to all of us that Amrutha would exit the competition as I expected her to be in the final 4. Arun Gopan whom I though deserved to be out is in instead. The talented Hesham was also shown the door. In the final tussle between Durga and Amrutha I actually thought Durga would go. Instead it was the sensitive Amrutha who had to leave based on votes though Amrutha had a small lead (I believe 1 vote) over Durga when it came to marks. Amrutha was inconsolable and I am sure she was shocked with the result. It was really sad to the see the child cry one more and last time on ISS. It was really sad when she confessed how much she wanted to be in the final 4 and why people didn't vote for her.

The melodrama surrounding the event was unbearable with the organizers creating so much unnecessary tension for announcing the results that Amrutha's mother almost collapsed on stage. Asianet cruelly telecast her mother's discomfort who seemed to be relieved only when the result was announced. Why build up such tension when the result can be simply announced as it is done on Super Star Global. There are people who tell me they don't watch ISS just for this unnecessary hype. Amrutha's mother could have even fainted or had a stroke and were they prepared for that?

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