Saturday, April 05, 2008

Roopa wins Super Star Global

After a horrendous show by the organizers Roopa was ultimately crowned champion at the live show just a few hours ago. Even her performances today on the show were stellar. My dream that I saw of Roopa winning and that which I told her, ultimately turned out to be true. The telecast was so painful with commercials thrown in at odd times disruption the show, even Roopa's acceptance speech was cut in half.

Thanks to all who voted for her. After the lead narrowed down between Roopa and Jeethu we voted like crazy till the lines were closed at 10.00 PM. By then Roopa had overtaken the leader in the number of votes and from then on there was no going back.

Let this mark the beginning of a very exciting career for Roopa. God bless her.

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Biju said...

Yes, Subash, it was indeed great to see Roopa winning the title. The show was organized pretty poorly. The sound quality was poor.
As you said, hope this would be a great beginning for her :)