Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jose Feliciano in Chennai, another missed event

After reading all about it in The Hindu I feel very guilty of having missed a good if not great concert. Reminds me of the days in Athens, Georgia where Nick Staddon (haven't forgotten you man) my ex-colleague, Guitarist, Pianist, Singer (was in some Athens band), VBA/Linux/and a bunch of other software Programmer who had a full range of recording gadgetry would tell me how he preferred Jose's version of "Light my Fire" to that of Jim Morrison's and The Doors (well actually I like them both). Besides being a good artiste Jose is also an inspiration, having lost his eyesight from birth.

There is so much work to do to make a living these days that I seem to be overworking myself with hardly time for anything else. Sometimes I seem to be doing nothing too. In the U.S there is a recession, lesser jobs and fewer projects. The Canadian Dollar even grew stronger than the U.S dollar. Good things should happen and they will. As one of my clients would say to me, "Why should you guys worry if there is a recession in the U.S, most jobs are going to India anyway."

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