Saturday, February 07, 2009

Two solutions that could fix your computer freeze problem

Does your computer freeze randomly. By freeze I mean the screen locks up doing whatever it was doing and the mouse cursor does not respond to mouse input. Keyboard input also fails which means you actually cannot do the Ctrl+Alt+Del either.

Here are two solutions that may fix the problem.

1. Remove and re-seat your Video Card and RAM in their sockets. It may sound simple but this actually fixed my erratic freeze problem.

2. Use a Graphics card in your PC instead of depending on onboard graphics. Many a time this is the reason why your monitor turns a blue tinge or shows an affinity to a particular color tone (your monitor is perfect). Over gradual use the motherboard becomes strained. So why not let the Graphics board take over that role. Additionally most Graphics cards support DVI and HDMI and dual monitor capability and don't cost the roof. Your movies and games also look much better on these cards.

Disclaimer - Perform the instructions carefully and at your own risk. Don't hold me responsible if something were to go wrong.

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