Monday, February 09, 2009

CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning - Why install a huge program with addons and tools when you can do the same with a 5MB one?

I was amazed when I looked into the Add or Remove Programs window in Windows to see how much space my Roxio CD/DVD making program was taking up. It also installed a bunch of other software like Album Cover Maker, Image editor etc all that I hardly use. Totally the programs ran into several hundred megs. If you are just buring data for backup or creating iso's you could do the same with several free programs that are hardly over 10 Mb like this one that I use called BurnAware. The free version can do most of your CD/DVD and Blu-ray burning tasks and best of it all it is just 5MB in size. Why load your computer with a huge chunk of .dlls that you may never use?

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