Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sonia delivers a stunner at Idea Star Singer 2008

I couldn't help watching ISS 2008 today when I knew last years winner, Najim Arshad was singing a duet Sonia. After watching today's performance I thought there was a female winner of the competition in Sonia. This was the second time Sonia was teaming with Najim and today's song was even better than their first. I tried watching the song with my eyes closed and I couldn't help admire Sonia's brlilliant beautiful voice. Coincidentally Sonia gets 84 that she won last time for her earlier duet with Najim. I wish Sharath was here today to see her perform a great song and like he did last time I am sure he would have heaped his marks and praises on her. The only sad thing was that no one seemed to be appreciating Sonia as much as they were about Najim.

Here is the video of the peformance.

and if you missed her previous duet, here it is.

But Sharath would not have appreciated Vivekanandan who sang Ghulam Ali's immortal Ghazal "Chupke Chupke" very poorly. Except for the diction Vivekanandan was trying to imitate Najim in last year's show in costume and introduction (which really looked so lame). Judges including Usha Uthup were praising the performance and I wondered why.

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kavitha said...

Hi Subash, Gud to meet another Sonia fan. I've been watching almost all her performances and most of them have been outstanding - her expression and richness of voice are incomparable. The other perfomers come across as pale and pseudo in comparison to sonia. But the judges do not always give Sonia her due credit - there is always bias against her - while some of the other mediocre performances have been given 85+, her outstanding performaces get below 75. Hope the sms votes get her her victory. Thanks for bringing this up. All the very best to Sonia.