Thursday, February 26, 2009

The simple formula to win Idea Star Singer

Or for that matter any singing competition in India.

The contestant be allowed to choose his/her song to perform.

The contestant that chooses the best songs that matches his or her style and voice will emerge winner. By best songs I also mean rare and old songs, not necessarily hits.

Looks very simple isn't it. But that is the truth.

Unfortunately contestants are offered very little creativity to exercise. Most of the songs they are singing are co-erced upon them by someone going by their own list of favorite songs. There are just too many hits and in a competition like Idea Star Singer where you can sing Tamil, Hindi and other languages besides Malayalam the list of hits are almost infinite. Many hits have yet to be sung. The others are mismatched with the wrong singers in the competition.

So a contestant with decent singing skills only need to get to know the good songs to perform. So the winner will also be one who has good taste and isn't it a good thing if the winner is also a person of good taste?

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