Saturday, March 29, 2008

Latest on ISS and SSG

The way ISS is going it looks like contestants may be asked to write a written exam as they have run out of ideas to test performances. I wonder what the programmers of the show have in mind when Sharath asks contestants to imitate his rather funny tunes after their performances. Imitating is one thing they can do but sometimes they have no idea when they are asked to do a "vocal Jam" with him.

Ranjini has already started her announcements for ISS 2008. She is also asking for feedback including if the host needs to be changed. Of course! She needs to be fired. Just imagine putting up with her for another year, i.e if I am going to watch ISS 2008.

Meanwhile on SSG elimination was such a pleasant thing unlike the melodrama, tears and play acting the guests do when they announce the winners or losers on ISS. As M G Radhakrishnan said on SSG, "On other shows (he was probably referring to ISS where his brother M G Sreekumaran is a judge) they hurt contestants and are made to cry..." unlike on SSG.

Meanwhile Roopa has done her part well on SSG. She gave memorable performances and subscribing to Tata Sky was worth it for all her wonderful performances. She concluded in style last Thursday. Unni Menon was right when he commented on Roopa as to how composed and collected she was. It is now a battle of votes. This is where I disagree with SSG. As they do on ISS contestants must have been graded. It is not surprising how Jeethendra is on top and Teena could beat both Praveen and Ratheesh to the top 3. It will be a pity if Roopa does not win the contest on the basis of SMS votes alone. All I can do is vote and pray.


Biju said...
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Biju said...

Hi Subash,
So another post after some time!
Roopa has been pretty good, and it would be a real disappointment if she doesn't win the title. Not only that, it will spoil the channels name also, to a certain extent. I'm sure she would go a long way, whether she wins the title or not.

I agree with you fully that Amrita tv should have brought out some other method of evaluating the contestants, like giving a weightage to judges' remarks.

Raagaratnam Junior, another reality show based on classical music in the same channel is being run pretty well. I'm not sure if you have got a chance to see it.

Subash S L said...

Hi Biju,

I have seen the recently concluded Gandharva Sangeetham Junior on Kairali TV and I was impressed. I wanted to write about it as well but I haven't spent a lot of time watching it though I saw some very good performances there. By the way Roopa is also the winner of Gandharva Sangeetham Senior in 2002.

Biju said...

Hi Subash,
Gandharva sangeetham junior was good. If you are interested in classical music, don't miss Ragaratna jr., every saturday and sunday 8pm ist. The main judge is Dakshinamoorthy swami and other judges are K L Sreeram and Sreekumar.
Amazingly talented kids.