Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Chameleon hues to drive away the Monday blues

Who would have thought of sighting this beautiful creature on Monday morning. My neighbour Showkath's driver got it from Somamangalam in a box. When we let it out it was not trying to make a dash into the garden or run for its life. Instead it was carefully observing its new environment with its awesome eyes and moving in almost slow-motion fashion. The eyes work independently of each other giving the creature an almost 270 to 300 degree viewing angle. Like a telephoto zoom the eyes can also be zoomed out or zoomed in. It was constantly at it. I'll post the videos later. Here's another close-up. Click on all the images to view them big sized.
Trying to make it turn red we ambitiously even put him on a plant flowering red flowers but our new neighbour didn't oblige. Earlier we had put him on a shrub with yellow flowers and then there was magic. Notice the eye socket and body color change yellow.
The creature attracted a small crowd and it had us entertained for almost an hour.
We saw it last in my garden. Wonder where it is now. Was keeping it a pet, an opportunity lost?

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