Monday, August 29, 2011

Very Impressive - Harmonize Projekt

So what can remove the writer's block in me? A musical performance as this of course! The Rosebowl Channel (I don't know how to get that channel here in Chennai) in Kerala has been churning out performances as this a dime a dozen. Sadly you'll have to be in Kerala to watch this channel. It was on this channel that I discovered Avial many years ago. And this year they did it yet again with performances by the Harmonize Projekt.

When I read about them in The Hindu I forgot to check them out but I find every reason to include a reivew of the perfomances here. If you like cover versions then you must watch them or listen to them. They are making waves on the Internet, particularly on YouTube. Their treatments to some originals make the originals sound even better though not all their experimentation goes down well with me particularly when their innovation takes out the original flavor. But otherwise their covers only deepen the existing flavors of a song making it more beautiful and that's their magic. Kalyani Nair has a great voice and she impresses with her singing. The minimal but good support from the musicians is to be appreciated too.

Here are videos to watch, ranked from best to the not-so-best. But all of them impress, nevertheless.

Lovely slide guitar solo on this one.

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