Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Hindu's poor standards

For several years now "The Hindu" has been publishing gory pictures in full colour in its daily publication and today is no surprise. To wake up early morning to see blood-splattered images of torn bodies (there is a decapitated torso of a human in today's pic) is just disgustingly sickening. There are kids that read the newspapers everyday and I wonder if there is any such standards in publishing such pictures. Today's picture is on the frontpage. Oddly when Osama Bin Laden was killed, pictures did not appear on the front page. The Hindu also published a note near the photographs of the dead Osama and his aides saying that due to the gory nature of the pictures, they were being printed in Black and White and that is how they were published. Not that I wanted to view Osama's pics in colour but when leading T.V channels are following standards by either morphing or hiding gore and cautioning viewers with viewer-discretion and such, why can't a leading newspaper like the "The Hindu" also follow suit.

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