Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thank You, Evergreen

As a token of appreciation for writing a review of their debut album on my blog Evergreen sends me their debut CD and a Tee.

Thank You, Evergreen.

A nice Christmas gift and what a nice way to begin the New Year.


IRMP3 said...

Very Lucky You!

Wonder What I have to do to get a copy of the album .. :(

Subash S L said...

You can download the album though at the site mentioned in my review of the album in an earlier post.

Anonymous said...

i came to your site while browsing thru the amirkhan's blog.. i found your comment funny.. just because you didnot like one book written by chetan, you cannt comment on his all other books.. its like just becos amirkhan gives a flop movie, you comment on all his projects.. you are generalisng too much... please change you attitude.. you hate the popularity chetan got.. for that you don't have to be negative on that person.. imagine yourself when someone steals ur work.. take a deep breath and think with cool head ... maybe this is wrong place to comment.. i wish you get the message.. i just another guy like u.. but get the basics right.. peace.

Subash S L said...

Hey Anonymous,

Let me be fair. Yes, I haven't read 5.someone. But "One night at the call center" is such a load of crap that you don't even want to look at his other books. Why I even have to write a review is because of the hype surrounding this book when it was released. It was just unbelievable and for what? This crap? I am sure you could write a better book. On the contrary if Chetan had written a good book I would have certainly praised it. As for Aamir, he is just too good for Chetan, no comparison. Wait for time and it will tell.

Anoop said...

Nicely closed buddy.

I was going through you blog and pretty much liked what i saw.

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