Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Jaya's meeting with Manju Warrier

That's Rekha, Jaya's sister and Jaya with the talented actress, Malayalam cinema misses so dearly. Many of her fans still think she is going to stage a come-back someday.

Manju and Dileep visited Rekha on one of their recent trips to the U.S and thus began the friendship. When Rekha was in India this August, Manju invited her to her home. I was in Chennai at that time. Jaya went along with her sister. She was so excited after the visit, that she told me she couldn't sleep that night thinking of the meeting and the conversations they had.

Of the movies I have liked of Manju's, "Kaliveedu" will top the list. I also liked her in "Kaliyaatam". When I watched "Ee Puzhayum Kadannu", one of my favourite among the Manju-Dileep films, I told several friends that it would only be appropriate if Manju and Dileep tied the knot. Amazingly in one of Kamal's (I am not sure if it was Sathyan Anthikaad) recent interviews I was surprised to hear that it was only after "Ee Puzhayum Kadannu" that love between the two really blossomed.


a_meliorist said...

Wonder why I am still not able to get over her marriage - even after her 12 yrs of marriage. She was such a wonderful actress! :(

Subash S L said...

She was a talented actress indeed. Don't know if she'll make the come-back though.

Anonymous said...

Yes,she is a very talented actress
i think she had a good life while she were in film industry rather than her married life ......she is happy becoz of her only daughter.really she is suffering alot due to indecent way of life of her husband dileep...
We all malayalees are aware of the bloody relation between dileep and kavya madhavan. only few are there who think this is rumors.

Question to public:
Many actress had acted with dileep, why we only think kavya and dileep has some bad relation between each other?

it means its not just a rumor..... its a very big truth..

please manju dont feel bad ....why u want to sit at home for this kind of man who is not atall sincere to u... come on manju

Manju is a very talented actress whom we lost very soon, we really need manju warrier to come back in film industry....
u should come back manju

This is a request frm public

Anonymous said...

I am eagerly and surely saying that one time Manju will come back to the industry.She is an amazing actor.Now no one in the industry, to comparing with her.She has always a place in the minds of malayalies.We Love you