Thursday, December 17, 2009

Classic Malayalam folk song on Idea Star Singer

Oh yes, I still manage to watch ISS in fits and starts though I try to avoid all the nauseating parts whenever possible.

Preethi sang the beautiful "Pallivaala Bhadra" yesterday. I was reminded then of another singer from a previous show of ISS Season 3, Aarabhi who also gave a beautiful rendition. Preethi's performance was more tight and slightly improvised but somehow I'll give the innocent looking Aarabhi the award for the better performance. Here they are, the two videos. Aarabhi's performance was the first time I was listening to this lovely song.

Preethi's performance yesterday.

And Aarabhi's performance in 2008.

Such a danceable folksong, the dancers for both the songs were superb. This song could be a great candidate for Avial's next album. If only Avial could improvise and make a great version of it. Avial, are you listening?

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