Monday, September 21, 2009

How to fix your BSNL Modem's configuration

This time when I got back my Internet connection, I was wondering how long it is going to take BSNL fix everything and get me up and running. I was too naive to think that just getting back my username and password would re-establish my connection. How wrong I was. Calling customer care is/was a nightmare and the assurance that someone would turn up at my door to fix my modem was totally unreliable.

Thanks to the web, I then start searching stuff on Yahoo. After some hits and misses I was able to get to a website where the simple documentation for the HUAWEI MT800 modem was available that did the trick. When the BSNL guy called that evening I was thrilled to tell him everything was O.K. So if you want to configure your BSNL Modem (HUAWEI MT800) check out this page.

The only problem I had was with the IP configuration to be done prior to using the steps on this page. These are documented too. A link is provided before you begin the configuration steps called "Assign IP Address". Here if you don't use the right IP addresses your modem will be recognized as some other modem, with a different model number. You may have to make a note of your old IP, Gateway and DNS server addresses before you attempt to use the ones mentioned on the Assigning IP Address page. For me my old IP addresses worked. Several re-boots and resetting of the modem (before doing the configuration) helped me configure the modem correctly.

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