Friday, August 21, 2009

Why isn't Prem Joshua suing malayalam music director P Jaychandran

This is the second time Jaychandran has lifted Perm Joshua's music for a Malayalam movie. Unlike the previous tune he lifted from the album "Earth meets Sky" (check out my review of this lovely album at this time the music is directly lifted and applied to the Rajasenan movie "Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonu". The song that is playing in the background when the trailer is being shown is "Bol Hari" from the album "Dance of Shakthi".

What a way to copy! Can't believe a leading music director would resort to this and also think he could get away. If credit is being given in the Titles of the movie to Prem Joshua then I'll take back my article but I doubt if it is being done.


Minu said...

If copying is an art, one should learn it from Pritam, the current Bollywood hit maker. All his songs are chart busters and apparently he lifts his tunes from music all over the world mainly Korean. I wonder what music Koreans make ;)
Some one aptly called Pritam a music arranger rather than a music director. But who cares! His music sells and he makes money.

Subash S L said...

Korean? Maybe Pritham thought he wouldn't get caught. I actually thought some of his songs were good. Even A.R.Rahman had words of praise for him during one of the Filmfare awards ceremony.