Friday, August 21, 2009

Rain and Shine

Chennai has been getting some good showers of late. Here are some pics I took when it rained here last Monday. Any guesses as to what I photographed in these pics.

This one should tell you for sure.

Earlier in May I took pics of these clouds when the sun went behind them. My neighbour Shaukath was the one who told me to take the pics saying my point-and-shoot digital could take them well.


Minu said...

Beautiful pictures...time to upgrade to an SLR, don't you feel so :)

Check out
It's more of a food blog but then her stalking wonder series is a pleasure to read...awesome pictures...

Subash S L said...

I donated my film SLR last vacation. Oh yes I really miss it. I still own my 75-300 mm zoom but without the SLR body or rather DSLR body it is useless. I should get one soon. Will check out teaandcookies.

Wait till you see the Prinia's nest pics.