Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Prinia and its nest outside my window

It has been a bird-watching delight starting with the nest building and now with the incubation in progress.

First the bird that I am referring. The pic is poor but this is the best I could do with my point and shoot.

After some research I think it is the Ashy Prinia also known as the Wren Warbler. It's a tiny bird with very quick reflexes and can be distracted with the slightest disturbance or human intervention.

The nest that it built in two days. There are two leaves on top that it stitched weaving threads out of cobwebs and puncturing holes in the leaves using its beak and sewing them using the cobweb threads. There are two leaves on top and a third below.

Next the eggs that it laid, one per day. Here is the first one.

Using the blurred image of my finger as a scale, you must estimate the tiny size of the eggs. Two on the next day.

And then there were three.

A better view of the three eggs.

And then there were four.

The bird is currently incubating the eggs now. Will keep track of the progress and report the same.


Gioia said...

Pretty incredible.

Susan Deborah said...

Your patience and pictures are remarkable.

Joy always,